Our Policies

Quality Assurance Policy

Castleridge Construction Group is committed to securing & maintaining the confidence of its clients and customers by providing quality resources and services to be able to meet client and customer requirements at the highest level of competency.

Castleridge construction group will proactively endeavor to achieve this objective by:

  • Communicating its quality insurance policy and procedure to all staff to ensure that they understand their responsibilities and roles in delivering a quality service and the desired outcomes.
  • Providing appropriate resources and services to comply with applicable laws, standards documentation and contractual requirements.
  • Responding promptly to client/ customer queries/ concerns, to ensure their needs area satisfied to the highest level of competency.
  • Seeking feedback from staff, clients and customers, to improve its internal management and operational systems.
  • Periodically reviewing and revising its quality assurance policy to ensure it remains relevant to Castleridge Construction Groups goals and objectives.

Castleridge Construction Group’s goals are:

  • Strive to continuously improve on the quality and performance we deliver.
  • Continuously effectively measure, monitor and analyze all business

Environmental & Waste Policy

Castleridge Construction Group is committed to achieving and pursing best practice in terms of utilizing and managing its resource, to reduce environmental impacts and promote quality of life.

Castleridge Construction Group is committed to:

  • Identifying activities that impact on the environment and work with its customers, suppliers and any other interested parties to encourage the reduction of environmental impacts
  • Complying with any applicable legislation and codes of practice, especially in relation to disposable o hazardous waste, safe handling, storage and transport of hazardous waste.
  • Taking steps to prevent pollution, conserve natural resources, protect cultural heritage, minimizing waste and drive energy efficiency.
  • Providing appropriate training awareness and education for our staff on environmental issues and specifically to individuals with environmental responsibilities.
  • Providing appropriate environmental training to assist with meeting our objectives and reducing any adverse impacts on the environment.

Catleridge Construction Group recognizes the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability. We understand the importance of conducting our operations and delivering our products and services with the highest standard on environmental care and social responsibility.

We commit to minimizing pollution and contributing towards a sustainable future by achieving a: Balanced environment, technological, economic and social objectives.

Castleridge Construction Group seeks the combined efforts of all employees, subcontractors and suppliers to ensure the effectiveness and success of our approach to environmental sustainability.